Industry Services

MBI Life Sciences

MBI understands the competitive and financial challenges that a pharmaceutical company faces as it brings a drug to market. Costs to develop and test a drug in a clinical trial from phase one to product launch can be as much as $500M to $1B. Our sales representatives have experience selling technologies that automate the Clinical Trial Process (CTP). They have provided sales and technology consultation to:

  • CRO's
  • Large Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Partners
  • Investigators
  • CRA's
  • Project Managers

MBI is experienced at integrating the partners, people and solutions to meet your pharmaceutical needs.

MBI Manufacturing

Sales representatives are an important part of manufacturers' success. Regardless of the type of products they sell, sales representatives' primary duties are to generate interest in your product and close the sale.

The process of promoting and selling a product can be extensive, at times taking up to several months. However, MBI's sales representatives are trained using our Consultative Selling Methodology (CSM) and have relationships that allow us to significantly speed the sales cycle of these opportunities. We have an extensive sales representative database that will ensure the proper fit for your offering.

MBI can integrate the partners, people and solutions to meet your manufacturing sales needs.