Job Listing Information

Java Developer
  • 11-Jan-2022 to 25-Jan-2022 (UTC)
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Full Time
  • Long Term Contract Length
  • 40 Weekly Hours

RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE: 6 to 8 yrs.  At least one (1) year of the experience must be in an Administrative; Managerial; or Supervisory capacity.

- Accredited college training may substitute for the required work experience, except for the supervisory experience, with a maximum substitution of four (4) years. 
- (Fifteen (15) semester hours in Information Technology or a related area is required.) 
- Accredited graduate training in the above area may substitute for the required work experience, except for the supervisory experience, with a maximum substitution of two (2) years. 
- Successful completion of an Information Technology Certification program, may substitute for the required work experience with a maximum substitution of two (2) years. 
- (Proof of certification must accompany application.) 
- Two (2) years of work experience as an Application Systems Analysis/Programming-Supervisor may substitute for all of the required experience.

Developer Java Skills:
- Understands and can use Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
- Familiar with the following:
- JDK including older versions
- Cascading Stylesheets (native)
- Javascript (native)
- JQuery
- Bootstrap
- Fontawesome
- Oracle database connections
- Oracle SQL - develop coding in the web application for SQL queries to read, update and insert values from/into the connected oracle database
- Experience with the creation/development of the following
- JSPs
- Servlets
- Java Session Beans
- Classes
- Knowledge and/or experience of the following is a plus:
- Development of financial web applications
- Design of web applications
- Sun One Studio 5 (IDE) and Sun System Application Server 7
- Natural (Adabas) /EntireX

Developer Soft Skills:
- Good communication skills 
- Active listening
- Ability to discuss and convey issues in an understandable yet concise manner
- Has good work ethics
- Can get things done in a timely manner
- Ability to work with others 

Note: Our current Java JDK, IDE and servers are an older version. Our applications predominately involve tax returns and payments.  As such the development of complex mathematical calculations are sometimes involved.  The data entered by users is validated using java code and saved to oracle tables.

Required / Desired Skills
Java - Required 10 Years
JQuery - Required 7 Years
Bootstrap - Required 5 Years
HTML5 - Required 5 Years
JavaScript - Required 5 Years
CSS - Required 3 Years
Oracle - Required 10 Years