Job Listing Information

Java Developer
  • 07-Jan-2022 to 21-Jan-2022 (UTC)
  • Trenton, NJ, USA
  • Full Time
  • Long Term Contract Length
  • 40 Weekly Hours

This person will function as a developer on the CDRSS team for all new upgrades and new feature development in the existing application written in Java.

Please note - this position is 100% onsite.  If the candidate is not comfortable with this, please do not submit.

Complete Description:
- Aggregate, Track, and Monitor all Java Exceptions to find critical problems, new errors, and monitor error rates over time. 
- Experience with Application Memory Analysis to help identify the cause of memory leaks. 
- Experience with Java Performance Tools: 
- Java Profiler: examples – JMeter, JProfiler, Java Mission Control, etc. 
- Tracing: examples – Prefix, Xrebel 
- Java Application Performance Management (APM): examples – New Relic, Stakify, AppDynamics, 
- Dynatrace 
- Real User Monitoring (RUM) 
 - Web Server Access Logs 
- Exceptional experience in Handling Performance Tuning and Code Optimization 
- Experience in tuning, optimization, explain plan, trace, Indexing 
- Ability in handling and understanding Data Lake Fundamentals
- Participate in the design of new or changing programs 
- Follow high quality database development standards. 
- Lead/Participate in design discussions, prototype development. 
- Refactor code for latest database and hardware technologies 
- Optimize connections via multiple types of services
  a. Batch 
  b. API 
  c. Services 
  d. Optimize read DB traffic 
- Use Active Data Guard (ADG) to seamlessly connect reporting read queries to logical when needed 
- Implement efficient DB partitioning. 
- Plan and design high performance DB usage design on Linux based hardware 

Required / Desired Skills
Prior experience developing application in Java - Required 7 Years
Prior professional experience maintaining, upgrading and configuring Weblogic 12c and above - Required 7 Years
Prior professional experience maintaining, upgrading and configuring IIS 6.5 and above - Required 7 Years
REST Webservice - Required 7 Years
JAVA 8 and above - Required 3 Years
Oracle 12c and above - Required 3 Years
Prior experience upgrading versions of Java - Required 2 Years
Performance tuning of existing systems - Required 7 Years
Prior experience working with GIT - Highly desired 2 Years              
Prior experience with Active Data Guard  - Desired 1 Years
Prior experience planning and designing high performance DB usage design on Linux based hardware - Desired 1 Years