Job Listing Information

Computer Operator at Print Center
  • 13-Jan-2022 to 27-Jan-2022 (UTC)
  • Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • Full Time
  • Long Term Contract Length
  • 40 Weekly Hours

100% on-site - Work Hours: 11 PM – 7:30 AM Monday – Friday
This position is located on the 1st Floor of the PennDOT Print Center at The Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg, PA. It is a large mainframe print shop that does high speed printing and has an impact print capability. An average of 4 million pages are printed each month. 

Complete Description:
- This position requires a detailed knowledge of all aspects of operating mainframe computer printers and print systems. 
- Work involves preparing the printers for operation and performing operations activities according to schedules and program instructions. 
- Employees select, print, and monitor all scheduled print jobs, and respond to system messages including z/OS, JES2 and Ricoh Process Director messages. 
- The ability to maximize production printing while minimizing system outages through operator intervention is an important aspect of the position. 
- Be able to ready, start, and monitor the operation of all mainframe printer equipment, including loading various paper and forms on printers, replenishing toner, ribbons and other consumables, aligning forms and overlays, clearing paper jams and other related print activities.
- Responsible for the use of all pre and post printer equipment for the preparation and distribution of input and output data. 
- Analyze and evaluate post-processing output for accuracy and quality.
- Review and prepare output reports and products for delivery to customers.
- Using Ricoh Process Director select, print, and monitor all scheduled print jobs, and respond to system messages. 
- Be familiar with manuals necessary to support system and print operations such as z/OS message library, Ricoh Process Director system messages and codes manuals.
- Understand JCL and as necessary make changes to insure completion of required work.
- Be able to use TSO to support system operation as required. 
- Have knowledge of primary mainframe systems with emphasis on TSO, ISPF, JES2, and ITOM. 
- Perform maintenance and cleaning for all equipment. 
- Know overall flow of production systems processed and how they interrelate as necessary. This includes but is not limited to applications listed on the IMS region assignments listing.
- Discharge responsibilities after receiving job check-off sheets and associated procedures. More detailed instructions are received from the shift supervisor or other operations management.
- Participate in problem determination and resolution within the unit as required to maintain production services and output delivery on an 8-hour, 5 day a week basis.
- Performs a variety of beginning level computer operating duties associated with the operating of online laser/impact printers and system console operation.
- Lift paper boxes weighing from 10lbs to 50lb and load/unload rolls of paper weighing approximately 600 lbs.
- Carry stacks of opened printed output/card stock and forms.
- Load stacks of paper onto large laser and impact printers
- Push carts loaded with paper/forms.
- Walk to and from printers for approximately 8 hours.
- Have hearing sufficient to hear abnormal noises indicating problems or machine malfunctions.
- Communicate both verbally and in writing with other employees.
- Work permanent shifts in an 8-hour, 5 day a week environment.

Job Location:
- Temperature controlled computer room. 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity year-round.
- Equipment (machines, devices tools, etc.; used in job performance).
- Large scale inkjet, laser and impact printers, other mainframe printers and control units for all of the above.

Required / Desired Skills
Working with Ricoh IP 5000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printing systems (including Tecnau pre/post equipment) - Required 1 Years
Working with Ricoh Process Director Console and experience responding to system messages - Required 1 Years